Alfred Leebop tour of the Americas

Okay, I’ve decided that we are close enough with most of these places to make a general public statement.

Alfred Leebop can be expected to play at at least ten conventions so far this year. Not all of these cons are confirmed, but we are in communication and expect a positive turnout from the following conventions:

Kawaiicon (April 10-12)
Anime Central (May 8-10)
Anime North (May 22-24)
Anime Boston (May 22-24)
Anime NEXT (June 12-14)
Anime EXPO (July 2-5)
Otakon (July 17-19)
Connecticon (July 31-August 2)
New York Anime Festival (September 25-27)
Anime USA (November 20-22)

You can also expect us to be making appearances at several of these cons for PANELS! We are definitely going to be at ANIME CENTRAL, and are hoping to host panels at Anime North, Anime NEXT, Anime EXPO, Otakon, and Anime USA. We’ll let you know if any of these are confirmed.

This is an exciting time! So start planning your convention trips! SEE YOU SPACE COWBOYS!

~ by tompquigley on March 25, 2009.

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